PO Box 104, The Plains, VA 20198

Forms & Documents

The following are select forms and documents that are available for download by clicking on the item.  Please call the Town Clerk/Treasurer at 540-364-4945 if additional information is needed or to request an application form or order a document.

Business License

To conduct a business in the Town of The Plains a Business License is required.

  • Business License Application Contact the Town Clerk/Treasurer for a current application form.  A 2020 Business Licence is currently posted for your use in the News & Update section of this website.

An approved Zoning Permit or Zoning letter or Approval minutes is needed to accompany most Business License Appications or Building Permit Applications.  The first step is to fill out this Zoning & Sign Permit Applicaiton and send it to the Town Office:

Planning, Zoning and SubdivisionCopies of all documents can be acquired by contacting the Town Clerk/Treasurer.

  • Comprehensive Plan - Reviewed and reinstated by the Planning Commission & Town Council in 2014 & 2017.
  • The Plan was reviewed and updated by the Planning Commission in 2017.   The recommendations were approved by the Town Council at a Public Hearing in 2017.
  • Subdivision Ordinance - Added administrative approval of boundary line adjustments in 2014.  Copies may be ordered from the Town Clerk or Zoning Administrator.  Fee: $10.00  The current Subdivision Ordinance is under review by the Planning Commission
  • Zoning Ordinance & Supportive Documents: Official Zoning Ordinance & Zoning Maps.  Please call, e-mail or write the Town Office for copies.  Offical copies are $25.00 each.  Send payments to the Town Clerk/Treasurer.
  • Fauquier County provides building inspections for the Town of The Plains. Before applying for a building permit with Fauquier County an approved Zoning Permit is needed. The Zoning Permit may also be used as application for any signs to be installed within the town.  Improvements,including sighs, within the Historic District require additional review and approvals from the Architectural Review Board (ARB).  No fees are required by the ARB.  The Historic District includes all properties within the town.