PO Box 104, The Plains, VA 20198

Town Council

The Town of The Plains, Virginia Town Council meets monthly on the third Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m.   Meetings are held in the lower level of the Afro American Historical Association of Fauquier County building located at 4243 Loudoun Avenue, The Plains, Virginia 20198. Public Hearings are generally held the same night at 7:00 p.m.  All meetings are open to the public. Due to the Covid-19 Public Health Orders wearing face masks and social distancing is required.  Seating may be limited due to the Orders.  Please check New & Updates tab of this website for details.

Town of The Plains Mayor and Town Council

Lori, Sisson, Mayor - Term expires May 2024

John T. Deering, Council Member - Term expires May 2024

Ms. Joyce Heflin, Council member - Term expires May 2022

Bruce Lelacheur, Council member - Term expires May 2024

Noah Portugal, Council member - Term expires May 2022

Blakeney Gallagher, Council member - Term expires May 2024

Heidi Van Voorhis, Council member - Term expires May 2022


Town Attorney - Non-voting - Appointed for a 2-year period

Nancy E. Brady, Clerk/Treasurer - Non-voting - Appointed for a 2-year period

The Mayor and Town Council members are elected by the citizens of the town for four-year terms.  A part-time Clerk/Treasurer assist the Council with maintaining the daily affairs of governing the town.  The Clerk/Treasurer and Town Attorney are appinted by the Mayor and Council for two year terms.  The Town Zoning Administrator and Subdivision Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and Council to assist the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

Town Council meeting agendas are prepared about a week prior to the meeting. Agendas may be obtained by calling 540-364-4945 or on this website.  To request that an item be placed on the Town Council agenda, contact the Town of The Plains, PO Box 104, The Plains, VA 20198, Phone/Fax 540-364-4945.  Town Council meeting minutes a prepared following each meeting and generally reviewed approved by the Council during the next meeting.  Town Council minutes may be obtained by calling 540-364-4945 or on this website.  Meeting minutes are not posted until approved by the Town Council.

Copies of applications that come before the Council from time to time are available for review during their regular business hours at the Fauquier County Library, 4133 Rectortown Road, Marshall, VA. or by contacting the Town of The Plains, PO Box 104, The Plains, VA 20198, Phone/Fax 540-364-4945.    The Town of The Plains does not discriminate on basis of handicapped status in an issue of access to its programs and activities. Accommodations will be made for handicapped persons upon prior request.  

Taxes, Licenses and Decals

Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes are mailed on December 1st each year and are due by March 15th.  After March 15th, there is a 5% penalty; after June 30th, 6% interest is applied.

Business Licenses are mailed on April 1st each year and are due by May 15th.  After May 15th there is a 10% penalty.

Town Vehicle Decals go on sale in February each year and are to be placed on vehicles by March 15th.  

Food and Lodging taxes are due from qualifying restaurant and hospatality owners.  The adopted tax rate is 2% of gross receipts due quartely.  Contact the Town Treasurer for copies of the Meals and Lodging Tax Forms.